Alternate Visions is an online riddle that requires a player to find a way to proceed using the clues provided, personal knowledge, logical induction, existing technology and sometimes, intuition. 

This riddle is inspired by many games of the same genre, such as Cipher: Crack the Code and The String Harmony


The creator

I am Matthew Wong, or “Mehphew”, if you prefer that. You will get to know me more as you venture through the levels.


On “Alternate Visions”

Our reality is a solitary existence. During our lifetime, we will meet a lot of people from all walks of life. By talking to them, we are taking glimpses of the world through their eyes. Sometimes this means learning something we never knew we did not know. Sometimes this means looking at problems from an entirely different perspective. These interactions, in my opinion, are what make life worth living.


On the content

The topics in the riddles are mostly related to games and chemistry – two of the most important elements in my life. Personal stories are also included in some of the levels.



I would like to thank Kobe Li (infiniteXforever), my former roommate and creator of The String Harmony, and Jason Cheng (Starry Miracle), my former schoolmate, for inspiring me, helping me resolve technical issues, testing the levels, and giving valuable suggestions.