Welcome to the help page.

Are you here for help or some strange purposes?


If you are new to this type of riddles…

  • Level 1: Do as you are instructed! What does the source code say?
  • Level 2: What is this thing called? Use the first word as the username and the second as the password!
  • Level 3: How can you turn numbers into letters using the material in this level?
  • Level 4: Things begin to get tricky… Try to understand the clues and translate!
  • Level 5: You may need to google it if you don’t know this kind of cipher.
  • Level 6: Downloading all the materials of a level is always a good practice. Do you know where to find the properties of a file?
  • Level 7: You’re on your own now! Use your wits and creativity to beat the levels!


General Instructions

  • When you think you got an answer/an important piece of information, type it as the new website in the address bar. For example, if the page you are on is …/something/fallen.htm and your answer is “reborn”, change it to …/something/reborn.htm.
  • The answer to a level is always a word or a meaningful expression; it must also be a combination of lowercase letters and/or numbers.
  • Some levels may have hidden files. Try changing the image name or extension to access them.
  • External programs may be required to solve certain levels. A list of recommended programs can be found below.
  • Google searching may be helpful in some levels. As whether it is necessary depends highly on the knowledge of the player, no instructions regarding Google search will be given.
  • An anagram solver may be needed to rearrange the letters you obtain to give a meaningful answer.
  • Don’t cheat! Getting stuck is very normal, especially in higher levels. Be patient and don’t give up. A much greater satisfaction awaits at the end of the road.


Recommended software